Reaching for the Stars

Life in Fifth Grade 

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  • Although we have reviewed the content of these sites, some have ads and opportunities for the student to redirect themselves to another site that we may not have previewed. Students should always have adult supervision while using the Internet :)

  • Everything the busy writer wants to know. Here you will find resources to help you define and spell the words that you need for your writing, as well as activities and programs that will make you a better writer.

  • Find your creative outlet by using these sites.

  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide, estimate, and whew! You get the picture. But . . . there's a lot more to math than these things. Enter this pathway to explore the many interests of the mathematician in you! These sites provide hours of math fun, practice and exploration.

  • Oh, for the love of a good book and the ablility to read and understand it. Follow this path if you are interested in becomming a better reader, or, just want to dive into a great story. Find reference information, Lexile look-up, book lists, reading tricks, and other reading related information.

  • Here you will find wonderful stories of daring adventurers and explorers of the past. We still have such people today--can you think of any?

  • We use different types of maps to put together information about the world that we live on. Enjoy learning the many different ways that maps can help us to do more than "get around"

  • Who was here first? Read on!

  • Visit these sites to learn more about life for our early settlers

  • What caused all the ruckus? Why fight the King? What happened afterwards . . .

  • Now that we have our "freedom", what do we do? How do we organize this new country of ours, and what do we call ourselves? What are the rules?

  • Country--Region--State . . . how do we keep them straight?

  • Lots of exploring for young scientists.